Project Manager


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Meet our Project Manager

Iris is our project manager who led CwC's first Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) project. We took the time to sit down and ask her about her experience leading a 1,800+ pax event. Here's what she had to say:

My latest event was the World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017 Hong Kong. The project lasted for more than 1.5 years and involved so many elements and parties. One challenge I faced as the Project Manager, was striking a balance between addressing the stakeholders' needs and maintaining the overall budget. In addition, time management was important too even though planning started so early on!
The most memorable moment during WSBE17 Hong Kong was when I was reminded about how glad I am to have a strong and dedicated team to work with. Having a good team not only makes the event more successful and eases the burden, but also, it provides a fun and enjoyable working atmosphere even under stressful moments! At CwC, we support each other and keep the morale high to keep going!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my team and all partners. It would not be possible without the commitment and hard work from everyone involved in this project.


Project Coordinator


What is your favourite industry related word?

Meet our Intern from NYC

Kathy, a college student from New York City, joined our team for the past few months. She's been enjoying her time in Hong Kong and before she leaves in a few weeks, we asked her about her experience working at CwC:

I don't want to leave Hong Kong. Let me explain why. My first event production as a CwC team member was at the World Sustainable Built Environment 2017 Hong Kong. This is the first time I get to see an event production from pre-event to execution to post-event. I've seen my colleagues drink ten cups of coffee a day and pull consecutive all-nighters. I've seen them grow dark circles and grey hairs day by day. Despite these rather scary scenes, I've also seen how teamwork creates success. For most people, they would shy away from such working cultures, but I was left feeling inspired and amazed. Even now, I feel more and more admiration towards my senior colleagues. And above all, at CwC, we treat each other like family; a trait that is rarely found in most offices I've interned at. So as my internship is ending shortly, I'm happy to be here in Hong Kong pursuing a career in a company that shares the same passions as I do.

What's cooler than VR headsets?

VR without the headsets.

This quarter, we took a closer look into the popular trend of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. Although VR can seem overdone, we found a startup that takes VR to another level.

A startup in Barcelona, Spain called Broomx Technologies has developed a projector that displays 360° immersive media in your room. After 4 years in planning and testing, Broomx has come out with the MK Player360. When paired with the MK-APP or other 360° videos, users can transform their space into interactive projections. This new technology eliminates the bulky headsets of typical VR headsets without eliminating the 4D experience. In fact, this projection system allows for people in the same room to share and enjoy the 4D experience together. Check out this video link to see what the projection looks in action.

What do we think? This is so cool! We won't be surprised when events start using this new technology in their venues next year. For more information about the MK Player360, check out the website.

Broomx Technologies is a leading company in immersive 4D experiences in physical spaces mixing technology and creativity. Makers of MK Player360 and BroomxVR.