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Making Waves  By  Reimagining Events  And Experiences

About Us

Clearwater Communications (CwC) is an award-winning, boutique event marketing and management agency. 

Based out of Hong Kong and Singapore, we work with our world-class clients on their internal and external activations, campaigns and events – online to offline.




We reimagine live events to make them more effective, impactful and memorable.

The experience journey is at the heart of everything we do.


The digital world is our most frequented playground now. It is not just about what platform to use; we reimagine the bigger picture and strive to elevate the virtual experience.


We bring brands to life by articulating the brand story to the target audience in an immersive and inspiring way.

Our Purpose

Maximising Marketing Effectiveness Offline To Online

Experts in marketing, we reimagine events and experiences - offline to online, to increase impact and influence, accelerate conversions and deliver measurable results for our global clients.

We dream, create, craft and deliver events and campaigns in Hong Kong, Singapore, throughout Asia and in the virtual space.

Gala’s & Awards
Incentives & Team Building
Cocktails & Dinners
Brand Activations
Virtual Events

What We Do

Our Expert  Solutions To Guarantee Success

We work with great brands to create more effective events and

total brand activation in Hong Kong, Singapore, and throughout Asia.

Our full-service event management and marketing services always deliver success, earn client trust and enduring partnerships. 


Insight-led strategy and research ensures effective experience design

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Impactful event marketing, integrated marketing and communications campaigns

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Artboard 23@2x.png
Creative & Design

Creative ideas and design bring imagination to life

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Artboard 15@2x.png
Event Production & Technical

Live shows have

no second chances. 

We guarantee perfect event production every time

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Web & Digital

Digital first websites and digital first event marketing campaigns

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Artboard 14@2x.png
Web & Digital

Adopting a digital first approach to our campaigns and activations

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Artboard 16@2x.png
Event Management & Execution

Successful, onsite experience every time

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Artboard 21@2x.png

State of the art registration design which is friendly, efficient and secure

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Artboard 17@2x.png
Vendor Management

3rd party vendor research, selection and management

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Artboard 20@2x.png
Programme Planning

Precise event planning and stress-free event logistics

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Artboard 18@2x.png
Sponsors & Stakeholder Management

Coordination and relationship management of sponsors, speakers, stakeholders

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Artboard 19@2x.png

We Focus On Ideas, Impact And Results

How We Do It

We are an award-winning event management and marketing agency. 


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We bring brands to life through our reimagination of events, brand experiences, total brand activation and integrated marketing campaigns.

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Boutique but mighty, our tribe of event experts and marketing specialists have a proven track record of success with world-class clients across various industries.

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Our boutique style has allowed us to take on a more personalised, high-touch, client-centric approach and this has contributed to our high client retention rate.


Our Work

Powered By Passion & Purpose

We are powered by our shared passion to create great work for our clients and thrive on creating purposeful brand engagements and immersive experiences for their audiences.