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Provide An Exclusive Experience & Powering Sales Of New Aston Martin SUV Through Brand Engagement


Aston Martin


Aston Martin Grand Prix


Singapore, Aston Martin Showroom & CÉ LA VI, Marina Bay Sands

Guest List  

The chosen few - exclusively invited VVIP customers, media and prospects.


The iconic Aston Martin car brand planned a Masterclass and an official preview of its new first-ever SUV in Singapore, during Formula 1 season.

Brief & Challenge

Clearwater Communications created an exclusive invite-only preview event for the first ever Aston Martin SUV.  To make the experience more exclusive and valuable to HNWI, we created VVIP Masterclass experiences, curated to reflect the beauty, craft and art values of Aston Martin.

Experience & Execution

The Aston Martin Grand Prix Masterclasses were led by Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichmann.  The event provided VVIP clientele with a sneak peek of the new Aston Martin SUV,  HNWI networking
and a VVIP lunch at CÉ LA VI, Marina Bay Sands


Pre-Orders placed for the new Aston Martin SUV, during and after the Aston Martin Grand Prix event.

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