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1-Year Integrated Marketing Campaign to Build Brand & Engagement


Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants


Integrated Marketing Campaign & Experiential Events


Hong Kong

Event Size 

212  invited industry professionals,  VIP’s, speakers and Hong Kong Government officials


Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) implemented total brand activation to celebrate QP’s 20th Anniversary.  The 20th Anniversary of QP provided the perfect opportunity to celebrate the prestigious HKICPA, as well as revitalising and future-proofing the brand to accelerate growth.

Brief & Challenge

Our brief and challenge was to create a high impact, 1-year long, “always on” integrated marketing campaign and total brand activation to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of QP whilst revitalising the HKICPA brand to make it more engaging for its’ members and prospects.

Experience & Execution

HKICPA brand kicked off a 1-year long, integrated marketing campaign with a new suite of offline to online collaterals, social media, web, PR & comms, videos, content and digital assets, premiums and gifts, multi -media advertising and experiential events. 


The HKICPA integrated marketing campaign achieved significant impact and results:
•    Media and PR campaign enhanced brand awareness, engagement and HKICPA and QP brand profiles.
•    Social media and digital campaign raised brand
•    Marketing events engaged public, employers, students and prospects by creating a sense of community and

      strengthening members loyalty.
•    New #QP20 and #NewQP was established by the integrated marketing campaign.

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