Fact File

Group size : 500 hotel owners, general managers and senior corporate leaders across the Greater China region of InterContinental Hotels Group
Venue : InterContinental Century City, Chengdu, China
Date : April 20 - 22, 2016


The IHG Greater China Leaders Meeting is a significant annual event for IHG global and regional senior leaders, general managers from across Greater China to converge and set strategies and goals for the year. This year is also the first time hotel owners were invited to the meeting where they get to experience the IHG brands and gain first-hand knowledge of the group’s vision and plans for the Greater China region. It was also a good opportunity for them to meet and get to know the key leaders of the group.

The Theme

Winning Faster, Together is the theme for this year’s conference. It clearly articulates IHG’s intent and ambition for the future; to outperform competitors and dominate the market as the number one hotel company in the Greater China region.

Throughout the event, the message of Being #1 was brought to life through the physical showcase of the group and its brands. The conference and breakout sessions were also carefully designed to communicate the message of ‘Winning Faster Together'.


CwC was appointed as the Event Agency by IHG Greater China to undertake the full event management mandate. Also a key task of CwC was to manage and coordinate with the various stakeholders involved including the content agency, the exhibition stand contractor as well as the brand managers of the respective IHG brands. The client look to CwC to provide consultancy on space planning, program scheduling, design and production as well as attendees communication and management.

The guests were split into 3 different groups i.e. senior leaders, hotel owners and general managers – each group had their specific agenda throughout the event.

WeChat was utilized as the main platform for communication throughout the conference including pre & post-event. Delegates were able to register online through the WeChat based website and they were able to communicate directly with the event secretariat through our dedicated conference account on WeChat. Personalized meeting schedules were pushed to delegates onsite via the WeChat app. Considering the background of the audience, it had great appeal and facilitated communication effectively for both the organizers and audience.

The conference sessions were fast-paced and highly interactive with a combination of keynote presentations by global and Greater China senior executives, panel discussions featuring operational and functional leaders, interactive workshops as well as sessions with external speakers.

Six seminar sessions were organized with experts from the InterContinental Hotels Group presenting on topics related to individual IHG brands i.e. InterContinental Hotels, Crowne Plaza Hotels, Holiday Inn Express Hotels,  Holiday Inn Hotels, HUALUXE Hotels & Resorts and Hotel Indigo – these sessions provided valuable insights and information to the general managers and investors of the InterContinental Hotels Group. Rooms where these individual sessions were hosted in were conscientiously designed and decorated to ensure that the audience were able to feel and experience the brand as they enter the room

An exhibition with 54 booths spread across the entire floor of the convention centre. The exhibitors consist of the key vendors of IHG such as Coca-Cola Beverages (Shanghai) Co. Ltd, Unilever Service (Hefei) Co. Ltd. and Kimberly-Clake Professional as well as the various functions of IHG including Technology, Security, Sales & Marketing, and F&B – the F&B team put up an impressive display of creative catering concepts that engaged everyone’s senses.


“I would like to give a big round of applause to the CwC team for their excellent job at the event.  As what I expected, the ladies delivered great job to make the event a success!”

Vice President, Corporate Affairs, IHG Greater China